Hi, I’m Mike Jacques, If you’re reading this you’re probably feeling that you need to make some serious changes to your life. Perhaps you’ve been very successful at building your career but now you feel there’s something missing. Maybe despite earning a healthy income you’ve become disillusioned with trading all your time for money to pay for the lifestyle you and your family have become accustomed to. It’s likely the pressures of work and the demands on your time have affected your family and social life, that’s assuming you’re lucky enough to have time for a social life. Or maybe, like me, one day you just slowly started to know your heart just wasn’t in this career anymore. You just don’t seem to have the will to continue pouring what’s left of your life into the job you have grown to dislike! So is there really a viable alternative to the 9 to 5, the endless stressful commutes, and the 70 hour week? Can anyone really have a lifestyle that offers true geographical freedom to work from anywhere the world? A job that breaks the traditional time for money work ethic? One that provides a sustainable income that could replace a six-figure corporate pay package? A job that lets you turn your interests and passions into income? Well in a nutshell, yes! I’m living proof of that, and as you will glean from my background below, if I can achieve this, anyone can. It’s not only possible, it’s relatively easy in today’s digital world if you have the right mentorship, knowhow and community to support you and guide you on your journey.

Reality check! 

However, let me be crystal clear right from the outset before I make this sound like a ‘get rich quick strategy’ it most definitely is not! If you’re looking for me to tell you this type of lifestyle shift can happen in a few weeks, then I’m sorry but that’s not realistic and you’re not going to find what you’re looking from me here. If you do find it, I assure you it’s not going to be real. I’m going to be brutally honest with you and keep this on the level. I’m relatively new to this myself. I’m not a multi-millionaire and I don’t have all the answers yet. I’m still learning every day and thoroughly enjoying my journey. So who am I? And more importantly, how can I help you?

Mike Jacques

is my name and well to be honest, I’m just a very normal sort of guy. I don’t have an academic mind, I dropped out of college after failing to acquire the engineering qualifications needed to pursue my passion to become a commercial diver.

Born in London, in 1965. 

I grew up on the south coast of England with my younger brother and my parents. At school, I majored in behaving badly and very nearly managed to be expelled before my final exams. I guess I was trying to hide the fact I found learning very boring and to be frank quite difficult. After dropping out of college in my late teens I was working in a small industrial unit making computer plinths and motorbike chain guards. So if you need any welding or fibreglass work done, I’m your man! But somehow, I doubt that’s why you’re here. So at 18 years old, after my illegal AM CB Radio had been booming out over our next-door neighbour’s TV speakers for a few weeks, my neighbour Peter (Area Sales Manager for Rank Xerox) called round. He was so impressed (more likely amused) with my late-night on-air chat up lines, he asked me if I had ever considered a career in sales? Not recognising a gift horse when I saw one, I expressed my doubts about being stuck in an office sat behind a desk all day long. Besides one day I was going to be a North Sea Diver, somehow…? Luckily for me, Peter insisted I give it a try and convinced me to spend a day working with him. After being out and about on the road all day, meeting different customers and ending the day with a long boozy lunch, I decided sales might just be the career for me after all.

Who knew sales was a career! 

Salesman working on the roadSalesman working on the road
I started working for Peter as a trainee, going door to door cold calling in towns and large industrial estates. It was gutty, walking for many miles each day collecting information on compliment slips and on the back of business cards, while out in all types of weather. As well as learning how to handle constant rejection, I received some of the best sales training in the industry. After less than a year I had my own sales territory to manage and most importantly I had just received a brand spanking new company car. Life surely couldn’t get any better than this! The very same evening my new car was delivered I called my then-girlfriend and we set off for a quick drive in the countryside. Two hours later the car was vertical, nose-down in a drainage ditch, looking like the wreckage of a crashed WW-II fighter plane. So moving quickly on to my next sales job (yes I got fired) and the not so new company car. I quickly became a very successful copier and fax sales rep for Minolta. Eventually, I became Sales Director and then a Managing Director of a Canon office equipment company based in Brighton, UK. My career was moving fast, just like my cars.

Birth of the Internet

Office equipment soon became digital and then network connected to computers. This quickly led me into a very successful 30-year career in the computer software industry. My time in software sales was extremely good to me. My annual earnings quickly reached six figures, with many of my years seeing multiple six-figure incomes. With a very generous expense account and the opportunity to visit most of the world ether training or entertaining customers on business trips. I considered myself blessed and very fortunate, especially considering my lack of any degrees or academic prowess.

Had it all – but it felt like I’d failed

It wasn’t until I was in my late 40’s and rapidly approaching my second divorce that I began to realise I felt unhappy and somehow unfulfilled with my life as a whole. Despite my successful business career, my earnings, my expensive seaside house, the flash cars in the driveway and the jet-set lifestyle, something was missing, I just wasn’t enjoying my work anymore. These negative thoughts made me feel very selfish and to be honest a little guilty. How could I possibly have these type of thoughts when clearly I had it all? I should feel extremely grateful and proud of all my achievements. After all, my Dad was, so shouldn’t I be?

Sold my soul to the Devil

For the first time ever I started to take a real close look at myself and I didn’t like what I saw. The realisation dawned on me, I had actually sold my soul to the devil. My personal life had always come second to my work commitments. My never-ending pursuit of money was necessary to fund my personal life; the one I never actually had any time left for! I finally recognised I was stuck in a vicious loop. It felt like I was running in a never-ending hamster’s wheel. Even on family holidays, I was always sneaking off to answer e-mails or make some business calls; you know the ones that just couldn’t wait. To a large extent, I had missed seeing my children growing up, even when I was at home I was focused on planning my week and meeting my sales targets or working on juggling my mounting financial commitments. Not what I should have been doing, which was actually relaxing and playing with my children. I realised I was a really crap Dad, and probably also a pretty poor excuse for a husband.

The more I earned the deeper the debt

The fact was, however much money I earned, and it was a lot, It was never going to be enough and it was always spent before I was even paid to me anyway. Multiple loans, a huge 3/4 million £ mortgage and my credit card debts were larger than ever before, and I had a constant sense that however hard I worked I was slowly sinking deeper and deeper into debt. All of the rows at home were about money or the amount of time I was travelling or focusing on work. I felt very unappreciated at home and felt I was locked in a never-ending loop of having to invest more time for more money to fund growing debts.

A very dark place indeed! 

Dark place, divorce settlement, failure!  Dark place, divorce settlement, failure!
After 20 years the inevitable finally happened. With my second divorce settlement I lost nearly all of the equity in my house, I inherited debts of over £130K, and I gained a new £4k per month child maintenance commitment. All the while, I was having to keep up the mortgage payments of £2k per month, until the house was finally sold a year later, at my expense of course. Then just when you think it can’t get any worse; it did. My now ex-wife gave away our two dogs while I was on a business trip to the US during the separation process. Expletives extracted!   Then just one more kick in the nuts, I was diagnosed with recurring skin cancer. Probably brought on by all the stress I was going through. All I had left was my work and my boss although supportive had made it very clear that my work was suffering due to the meltdown in my personal life. At this stage in my life, I couldn’t see any way forward. I won’t go into the thoughts that were running around in my head, but at reaching 50 and losing absolutely everything,  I’m sure you can join the dots and imagine what I was contemplating.

The Internet saved my life – twice!

It was early 2015, when one of my young techie support guys at work was trying very hard to support me in my hour of need and attempting to lighten my mood, he told me about this amazing new dating app called ‘Tinder’. Dating apps, you mean me dating again and on the internet? You must be bloody joking! Women weren’t that high on my appreciation list as you can well imagine.

Love at first swipe!

To cut a long story short, as I’m not in the slightest bit technical, Jason my techie loaded the Tinder dating app onto my mobile phone and set it up. Over the following months, I had lots of fun virtual flirting with ladies online from all over the world. Wow! I was finally harnessing the power and reach of the internet for myself, rather than just selling IT products to run the damn thing! Then, one evening, I unexpectedly saw a picture and profile of the most beautiful lady who for some strange reason was actually interested in me. What was even stranger, she lived in the very same small town where I had first started to succeed in sales! It was love at first swipe! After our first real live date, I finally felt my luck was possibly starting to change for the better. Life suddenly had some meaning again and I had something to look forward to. Christ only knows what she saw in me. I had literally nothing to offer her other than a mountain of legal and financial crap swirling around my life. I was even driving around in my daughters’ beaten up, 15-year-old, rusty Peugeot car with the learner driver plates still on. The car must have been worth all of £100 ish! But luckily for me, I quickly realised for the first time in my life, I had found a woman who had absolutely no care at all for money or guys with flash cars and high opinions of themselves. What a breath of fresh air, exactly what I needed in my life at that point in time, I could hit all these criteria standing on my head. Fast forward a couple of incredibly happy years, I did what I told myself I would never do again. I married that woman. Lisa became my third and final wife and we have a fabulous relationship and life together. The end… No, not quite… Something in me had changed, but I wasn’t sure what it was?

Mojo lost.

I never managed to fully get back into my stride at work. I felt like I’d lost momentum and my mojo after the divorce, and I couldn’t get excited about my role any longer. I decided I needed a fresh start. With my track record, head hunters were crawling all over me, stroking my ego and it wasn’t long before I was introduced to a new, exciting startup software company looking for their first sales director to run their European operation. After a few weeks of training in Atlanta USA, I was raring to go and looking forward to building what was in effect was my own business outside of the US, even though I didn’t actually own the company.

My last ever job.

My boss, VP of WW sales was a pleasure to work with. We worked hard together to build a scalable business plan for Europe and sales were increasing quarter on quarter. Unfortunately, despite the success and revenue growth, he wasn’t getting the promised investment from the CEO and so he left abruptly for a new Silicon Valley venture. So now reporting directly to the CEO my ego was soaring for a while, but then I began to see why my previous boss had left the company.

Fire the boss! 

Being micro managed! Being micro managed!
After the CEO had torn down everything I had been working on for the past six months, refused to invest in promised resources to grow the Europen business, and then started to micromanage my time, I quickly became disillusioned with being the highest-paid cold caller in the UK. I’m good at cold calling, I just didn’t want to do it anymore. I also didn’t want to be on mundane, drains up business calls till late into the evening. This was not my idea of a productive or professional working environment. After one particular heated call with my CEO and being told, “it’s my company and I will run it exactly how I see fit” we both agreed it wasn’t going to work and so that was that. More Expletives extracted!  So no more £10-15K per month pay cheques, I was redundant, ouch! But happy to be out of the BS and stress.

Time to update CV / Resume – or maybe not… 

Not at all worried about finding another highly paid IT sales role, I updated my LinkedIn web page to ‘actively looking’ and as expected the head hunter enquires started to come in again as they had done many times before. This time, having time to think, I started to explore this powerful gut feeling of un-fulfilment, the feeling that I was repeating the same mistake over and over again. Changing company or the product I sold wasn’t going to make me feel happy. It might be a lucrative move in the short term, but I was now discovering I had needs other than just keeping the money wheel ever turning. I knew I just didn’t have the energy or willpower to do the same thing yet again. Albert Einstein “the definition of madness is, repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’’

Break the time-for-money hamster wheel

So when looking for ideas, I had a stroke of genius. I was going to become a famous author (Ego again). That idea lasted till the end of my first week of gardening leave and about six pages in… One day, maybe… The following week with more free time on my hands I started exploring alternative home-based business models that might meet the criteria I had in mind for my perfect work/life balance.
  • Geographical freedom, work from anywhere in the world
  • Low capital investment and no staff required
  • No cold calling or face to face selling
  • Profit from a genuine interest or passion
  • Highly leveraged/automated, low working hours
(Tim Ferriss The 4-hour working week)
  • Unlimited earning potential – surpassing my previous income
  • Ethical and rewarding, giving something back, helping others.
I thought this extravagant business wish list just didn’t exist outside maybe the porn industry, but with nothing to lose I was at least prepared to be open-minded.

When I was a lad

When I was just 18, working in a dirty, draughty factory for £150 per week if you had told me that one day, by taking the right path, I would be able to fly around the world, wining and dining customers, selling them technology I didn’t understand and earning a multi six-figure salary,  I would have spat my coffee out and laughed in your face. Luck or maybe fate has always seemed to have played a significant role in my life choices. I had never consciously searched to better my life. I was usually dragged by someone who saw something in me, screaming towards the next door and the right path for me.

If only you know what I know

When we are young, anything is possible!
I often see very bright, young energetic people who are clearly overqualified in the human interaction skills department. They work in low paid, mundane, dead-end jobs, and I think, if only you know what I know, it would blow your mind and change your world. All they are missing is that friendly neighbour next door (a mentor) with the guiding hand. Skills and knowhow can come later, learning on the job, but I recognise they have what it takes and that’s often surprisingly just a positive, can-do, open-minded mental attitude. It’s this very same thought process that allowed me to look at myself at this point later in my life. Were there people looking at me, now at my point in life and thinking ‘if only he knew what I knew?’ I visualised myself on my familiar journey to work with thousands of others, marching like an army of hamsters into the city of London, climbing into our wheels and devoting our entire lives, time and energy into the pursuit of the next paycheque. I was very well paid but for many, this paycheque (your perceived hourly value) is deliberately set at just over bankruptcy (JOB).

The Internet saved my life, the second time!

If you take a look on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google and Amazon you will find that there are thousands of people who have adapted their mindsets and taken a path to leverage the invisible, digital economy, and by doing so are reaping the rewards of becoming ‘Digital Entrepreneurs’. So after weeks of watching my fill of YouTube ‘diving and sea monsters movies that you wouldn’t believe existed’ and then followed by self improvement videos by Andy Harrington and Tony Robins, I stumbled across a video interview with Jordan Belfort aka “The Wolf of Wall Street”. The real guy, not Leonardo DiCaprio. Ignoring Jordan’s complete lack of morals when he was younger for a moment, and the jail term he eventually served, he is probably one of the best natural-born influencers/salesmen that ever walked the earth. Anyway, at the end of what was a very interesting interview, up popped one of those ad’s. You know the ones where you have to watch the first five seconds before you can press skip and see the video clip you actually want to watch.

Let it roll

This time for some odd reason I let the video Ad roll to the very end. It was an interview with a young software sales guy (a younger version of me), who had quit his successful corporate career with his six-figure salary to become a digital entrepreneur. Bingo! This was exactly what I was looking for, the next door opening. The right path. But being a Brit and therefore naturally very cynical, I had to do some extensive research before I even thought about acting on my gut instinct. After all, they were asking for such a huge commitment from me; my email address! I spent the rest of the day watching interviews with people from all walks of life, all backgrounds and all ages, who had transformed their lives to become successful digital entrepreneurs. These people were from all over the world, real estate agents, builders, nurses, accountants, investment bankers, lawyers and working mothers who wanted to spend more time with the kids. The spectrum was broad; they even had people that had retired and were now seeking some extra income to prop up the dwindling pension and their retirement lifestyles. Many were actually Brits like me which was very refreshing but, what struck me more than anything was they all seemingly valued the benefits of their free lifestyles way above the generous sums of money that we’re now generating each month (time-freedom over money)?

Community giving back

Global community support is key.   Global community support is key.
They were also all more than happy to invest their time back into helping others achieve the same lifestyle transformation and business success. They felt fulfilled and rewarded by giving something back. They had built a community over the past decade of like-minded entrepreneurs who had mastered the many different online business models, strategies, tools and platforms to generate significant incomes, automated and near effortlessly.

The rest is history.

So yet again lady luck or fate, was guiding me. I had no job, but being a positive person I saw this as an advantage. I had plenty of free time to focus and invest in myself. I had some, but not a lot of capital left to invest in my digital education, and also invest in my new business, whatever that was going to be. However, reality check! I still had significant monthly financial commitments to meet, so a ticking clock and a time limit helped put a rocket up my arse and compelled me to take immediate action and make this work! I had a burning desire to brake out of my comfort zone and not to repeat the easy comfortable path, and just find the next JOB. Yet another hamster wheel, as I saw it, which would trade yet more of my life for money. The knowledge I had stumbled on, and the researched I had done showed me there was a better way than the old 9-5, 70-hour weeks and the 8:00am morning sales meetings!

Guilty confession

After I lost my last job I still used to dial into my old company sales meetings and listen in to all the management BS. All the unnecessary stress inflicted on my ex-colleagues, but thankfully no longer me! If ever I need it, this was my proof drug, listening to this crap each week gave me a boost and showed me I had made the right decision! Looking back I really can’t explain the sheer elation and rush of joy listening into my past way of life brought me….

Overnight I became a millionaire – eerm no! 

Now you’re probably expecting me to tell you I’m a multi-millionaire writing this on my private beach and working one day a week, counting the mountains of cash I make each month. No. I’m not quite there yet, but for once I can see that with continued perseverance, it’s quite achievable. But I no longer have the same ego, financial goal or need to chase money to try and buy my freedom lifestyle. I have it already! You won’t understand this until you’re in my shoes, which will be soon if you have a genuine need or desire to change.

So what have I achieved then? 

Freedom to focus and grow my business at my pace. Freedom to focus and grow my business at my pace.
Well to be fair, I’m only a few months into my journey. But wow what a difference it’s made to my life already. I’m now permanently working from home as and when I feel the urge to work. Which very strangely, as it’s quite a lot as I now thoroughly love what I do. However, these days my personal life will always come first. I work while I’m travelling and I’m constantly learning amazing new marketing and business strategy skills that I didn’t know existed. I’m blessed to have been welcomed into a wonderfully supportive community. These are real, like-minded people, who meet up face to face and share knowledge, experience, skills and ideas to help others make the online transition. They expect the same knowledge and support in return. Thanks to this community, my first business is now built and running on autopilot. So when I’m walking the dog, travelling or even sleeping, I’m still able to earn an income. It would have taken me years it get to this point without the tools, tips, training and constant mentoring they provided. Without them, I would have given up many times before I had even got started.

Tell me why I love Mondays.

I’m genuinely excited to wake up each day and get to work. Researching new products and revenue ideas, experiment with marketing strategies and most importantly, having the opportunity to give back a little and have a positive impact on other people’s lives. “If only you knew what I know now”!  I now realise I had 30 years of experiencing significant success without fulfilment. Don’t get me wrong, I am truly grateful for all the doors and paths that were opened to me, but I have learned the hard way. “Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure”! Do me a favour, take a few seconds to read that again and a few more moments to really think about it!

What about you – What can I do for you?

It’s important for you to know that there are three kinds of people I unfortunately cannot help: First, if you’re not willing to invest in yourself with both time and a bit of money, I can’t help you. If you think you can figure this all out on your own without resources, and step by step hands-on help, then I wish you the very best of luck in doing so. I know for me finding a like-minded community with real hands-on mentorship was key, and my only option for success. Secondly, you need to have a real problem in your life as well as a burning desire to change. A problem like mine, where you’re in a job or a business that is stopping you from living the life you really want. Maybe a job that’s actually destroying your life like mine was. Maybe, like me, you have a feeling you just don’t fit in where you work, or you’re feeling unsafe in your career, or feeling like you just need a “Plan B”? A burning desire is something you want really badly, like travelling the world, or being able to spend way more time with your friends and family. If you don’t have a problem or a burning desire I can’t help you. Why? Let’s be frank because you know and I know you won’t have the willpower or the desire to make it happen. You will quit and that’s the only way you can fail with this business and educational model. “When you land on the beach, burn the f-ing boats”!    A famous Viking quote! Most probably… Thirdly, you need to be a positive person. We all get frustrated from time to time, but if you’re always angry and defeatist, I can’t effectively help you. There is no “get-rich-quick” or “easy quick-fix” other than keep paying into the lottery. Sorry!

Still here? OK here’s who I can help:

Driven and enthusiastic people of all ages looking to create meaningful and fulfilling work with infinite opportunitiesEnthusiastic people of any age looking for fulfilling work
Driven and enthusiastic people, individuals and couples of all ages who are ready to apply what we teach and create meaningful and fulfilling work with infinite opportunities. Subject to effort. Imagine what you would do if you made at least what you make right now, but completely on your terms from your laptop or computer. Now, imagine what it would be like to be able to scale that income 2, 3, 4 x over the next few years because of the global leverage you get with the Internet. Internet sales now = $2.5 Trillion per annum. Well that’s all I can offer. To show you a path and share with you what I and many others now know. How to start a profitable online venture, I can help to guide you and walk you through a step by step process of building a digital lifestyle. You don’t need to quit your job like me (please don’t)! The majority of students in our community are much more sensible and are working towards replacing their 9-5 incomes at their own pace. Their ultimate desire; to walk in one day and fire their boss.

The sales pitch – well I am a salesman

So by joining this community I’m now part of one of the fastest-growing private digital education companies in the world. Which includes students from over 120 countries (there are only 196 countries at my last count). They have helped people make their ‘first million’ online in under two years, starting from scratch. Doubtful? Well come meet them, talk to them, I did…  They have helped thousands of people make their first sale online. That’s a major first step as the next sale and the one after are fully automated! They help hundreds of people every month improve the quality of their lives within 30 days of working with them. (not necessarily money related). They have built a company to help source, import & export virtually any product you can imagine directly from the factories around the world, with no middlemen. They help build fully automated Amazon business models for selling physical products and Affiliate business models for selling software, services and physical products produced by others. What I am most proud of is the hundreds of people they help every single week to find more meaningful work.

Purpose and passion – fulfilment

You just can’t put a price on that. Waking up every single day with purpose and passion for what you do, it’s quite simply the best feeling. So, if you’re looking for help creating a freedom business that you are truly excited to work on and be passionate about, I know I can help you figure this out. Even if, like me, you have no clue what that business might look like to start with. We can help with business ideas too, via hundreds of up and running examples. The real question is “do you want my help”?

Is this stuff any good?

It's gotta sound better than keep on spinning your wheel? It’s gotta sound better than keep on spinning your wheel?
So how do you know if this stuff is any good? Well make sure you do your due diligence. Why not do what I did and apply for the free video series or apply for a free Webinar and see if this lifestyle is for you? We have helped hundreds of individuals like you get their online businesses up and running and into profit (it’s documented and you’ll meet these people, face to face in our community)… I hope I will get to meet you in person at one of meet up’s. Like me, you can’t change your circumstances or even know what’s possible until you take action. As people, we programmed to avoid change. Change is risk and there is always comfort in the norm. Squeak, squeak, that’s the noise of your comfy, rusty hamster wheel. 😉 So let me ask you: do YOU really want a change, can you change? If so, and you’re tired of not living the life you really want, tired of being tired, and tired of not having the freedom you want, then let’s at least explore the possibility of working together. Stop Wishing for this, Start creating it! Just click Free Video’s or Free Webinar to find out how I started my journey, you will have access to a free video training series from my mentor Stuart, that shows how simple it can be with a little time and effort on your part. *[Straight-Talk Alert]: While the above reflects my real-life experiences and represents my individual achievements, they are not guaranteeing any results. The effort you put in is what will make or break your own particular success levels.