So it’s now been exactly 1 year since I first took the brave step to watch some free videos about starting my own online business.

Why was it brave? Because I always had a closed mind to things like this, I believed type things (Anything advertised online) were a scam or at best a waste of time.  So what made me take notice of this one? To be honest I don’t really know. It just must have presented itself to me just at the right moment for it to resonate with me. I had just unexpectedly lost my job in March 2019, it came completely out of the blue, I was just fired!

So I was feeling very low and worried about my future. My life suddenly seemed completely out of my control.  So what happened? Well in April 2019 after watching this free video webinar about “Earning your first $10K online”, and an introduction to an online global community that helped people like me with no real IT skills, to build online businesses via online training and mentoring, I decided to sign up. After being made redundant I now had all the time in the world. So if it was a waste of time then for the first time in a long time I had nothing to lose.

Things happen for a reason, always look for the opportunity change brings.

After a few weeks of online training and a number of live group video calls, mainly to help when I got stuck, which was often, I was shown step by step how to completely build a fully automated business website that could generate me an online income, once I learned the next key step; how to market to and build an audience or following from any social media platform. 

How did I learn my marketing skills? This is where the community really took over from the standard step-by-step training, as there are a number of different social media platforms that support advertising and promoting services and products. I chose YouTube as my platform of choice, not because I’m a primadonna, but because I’m terrible at writing, in fact, I’m sure I’m dyslexic (Yes I had to check how to spell dyslexic). So that’s proof right there.

You become the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with.

Once I had my automated website built and my content about me ready after a few weeks, I was introduced to a group of fellow students who specialised in mentoring and education specifically for this platform. My question now was How could I move forward I didn’t even have a product to sell? This is where I was introduced to the concept of Affiliate Marketing, never heard of it? Well, neither had I until it was explained to me in the introductory webinar and in more detail in the following training modules. It’s very different from e-commerce I new it. It’s a much simpler and faster way to build an income online without having to get involved in all the traditional business processes you would clearly recognise in bricks and mortar or traditional e-commerce businesses. Product design, quality testing, manufacturing, shipping, storage, advertising, customer support, returns, invoicing and payment collections.

So What is Affiliate Marketing? It’s simply knowing how to grow and build a following of subscribers that know and trust you, enabling you to introduce and recommend products and services to that may be of value to them. Some of your subscribers will go on to purchase those products and services that you have promoted via affiliate links (Customise web links). You as an affiliate (recommender) simply get paid a pre agreed commission percentage from the manufacturer or supplier of those goods and services.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, the business process is very simple, I recommend you, you buy, I get paid. I don’t think you can get a more basic and streamlined business process if you tried. You’d probably be surprised to know that Internet giants like Amazon and Microsoft have had affiliate programs in place for many years. Indeed A large percentage of Amazon multi-billion dollar business is made up of thousands of smaller, sometimes one-man-band businesses, all using Amazons global sales platform Fulfilled by Amazon (Amazon FBA) to sell their own products and services they have sourced or many just use affiliate marketing to promote services and products from other more well-established manufacturers and suppliers.

Get out of your own way!

Fear and self-doubt was my biggest obstacle. Being a 53-year-old guy contemplating learning new skills for an entirely new career was a terrifying thought and way outside of my comfort zone! But the fear of continuing with my old career in corporate software sales for another 20 years, assuming the stress didn’t kill me first, was a far more terrifying thought and helped me take my first few steps into the unknown and trying something completely new and alien to me. I’m not highly educated or academic in any way and always found learning a difficult process. This felt like I was planning on going back to school, an utterly horrifying experience for me. But as usual, what we fear the most in life (The driving test, The exam!) In the end everything works out ok and we look back and wonder what on earth we were so frightened of in the first place.

Told me a year ago I would have a YouTube video with over 4M views, I would have spat my beer out!

What have I achieved in my 1st year? So a year into the training and support from a global community of digital entrepreneurs. Having been actively marketing my business now for 10 months, I have over 600 followers on YouTube, 4 Million+ views of my YouTube videos and over 60,000 subscribers to my email mailing list (Thank you if you’re one of them)!

I’ve generated over $120,000 in income, and I’m just starting my second fully automated online business thanks to what I’ve learned thus far. *These results obviously aren’t typical and everyone’s results will be different based on their efforts and abilities*. What shaped my results? Well, I’d lost my job in March 2019 so I could focus 100% of my time on learning and then making this stuff. I had no income so had a real burning drive and focus on creating a long term, reliable income as quickly as possible!

But as I write this we are in the middle of a global pandemic and world economic and financial crisis the likes of which has never been seen before! While most businesses around the world are struggling, including the one I was fired from! I’m truly thankful I made my brave move a year ago, having the trust in myself, that even at 53 years young, I could learn to earn my income online. I’m also thankful that I chose to be an affiliate marketer, focusing on online training services and software, none of which have to be manufactured in China or rely on the current broken global supply chain.

As such both of my businesses are booming as more and more people around the world realise that the Internet is not just for spending money online, but also for generating long-term, reliable, automated, pandemic proof incomes. Thousands of people are reaching out to me and others in my online community, to find out how they can protect their businesses and incomes from the next global financial meltdown.

Maybe with the current global crisis playing out and stay at home lockdowns, being forced to work from home for the first time, you too may have more time on your hands? Maybe you could afford to invest some of that time to develop some new Digital Marketing skills that could possibly protect you and your family from future economic turmoil? 

Laptop business & Lifestyle
Mike’s outdoor office, when the UK weather allows!

Perhaps you’re getting used to “the Laptop lifestyle” that I enjoy. Having the freedom to working from home or anywhere in the world, as and when you feel productive. Not having to spend hours commuting by train or car, just to sit in an office cubicle all day, so the boss can stroke his ego and count the heads of all his obedient employees. Having more time with your family and loved ones, Always being around for those special moments that you used to miss while at your place off work.

The biggest benefit from having a fully automated online business and the one that takes the most getting used to his the time freedom it brings. Having worked in the fast-paced, high-pressure, ever-increasing targets the corporate world for over 30 years, it takes quite some time to unwind and properly disconnect from your previous “ever-on” world. To not jump when your laptop pings, or your phone rings. To not constantly watch the clock counting down the hours to the end of the working day or watch as time speeds up 2x during the weekend, racing towards the Monday morning!

Flying’s easy when you find your Mentor!

Eventually, without the beat of the corporate to march to, no deadlines to meet, no one to constantly report your every move to. Then the day finally comes when you don’t know what day of the week it is, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday? But most importantly you just don’t care because every day is like a Sunday (without the Monday morning looming). I’m constantly asking my wife what day of the week it is and now as she too windes down her job to come and support me with our new businesses, she is beginning to have the same time-warp experience that I had.

Can anyone follow in my steps? Yes absolutely, one of my key personal mentors Stuart is running a brand new webinar designed to help people re-skill during this global crisis, helping them prepare for what will be a very different world and workplace post-COVID-19. It offers the same level of training as I invested in and more, but now during this crisis for under 1/3 of the investment I made (Expletives is removed). But knowing what I know now, a year down the road into my journey, I would have happily invested 10 times the amount I did to get the skills and results I have today, especially as it’s helped insulate me today’s uncertain economic environment!  

Where can I find this free Webinar? Earn your 1st $10K Online Webinar:

What will I learn? My mentor Stuart will discuss the exact same strategies I’ve personally used to build my 2 businesses and replace my previous six-figure income in less than 10 months. *Individual results may vary* The insights he shares if acted upon, could potential to radically change your life, as they did mine. In my experience, this is the best chance you have to hear from such a high-end mentor like Stuart without paying thousands of dollars. As you’re probably aware by now, I’m a huge fan of getting educated with online marketing skills… That’s because once you know how to market any product or service, you’ll be in a position to control your future earnings for the rest of your life…

Whether you use your new skill set to:

  1. Build multiple streams of income in different niches
  2. Sell products on Amazon or Ebay
  3. Promote your very own product or service
  4. Start off with affiliate marketing to quickly make your first sales…

(Even if like me you have no product or business idea to start with)

The good news is that you can be shown and duplicate the industries best cutting-edge tactics and processes leverage them for yourself… just as I did. 

Register for How To Make Your First 10k Online HERE
– Simply select the webinar time that suit you best and show up and listen.

This is for you if you’d like to learn more about:

  • Building your own online business
  • A way to quit your job forever and creating the lifestyle you want
  • The step-by-set business blueprint I used to create a six-figure business within 12 months starting from scratch

Don’t let the crisis go to waste! You may never have this amount of free time available to you ever again in your life, so don’t waste this crisis and once in a lifetime golden opportunity to re-skill.